How to Get Big Businesses to Match Parent Volunteer Hours at Your School

Schools, like most families and businesses today, struggle to make ends meet. Fortunately, in a widespread effort to promote their community and public image through Corporate Social Responsibility, many companies encourage their employees to volunteer their time and service to the community. In return for their efforts, a business will often donate money as a way of substantiating and buttressing their staff’s voluntary work. This year alone, for example, the Sunnyvale Independent School Districtraised over $22,000 through company match programs (Microsoft, Adobe, UPS, WalMart, Old Navy, and HSBC are just a few major players contributing toward “volunteer incentive programs”) which reward volunteering–sometimes at a rate of $15 an hour or more.Some schools are well aware of corporate match programs, and consistently deliver parent volunteering statistics that may or may not be entirely accurate. The increasingly popular practice of reporting volunteer hours to companies has put CFOs on their toes, however, and many of them now mandate official documentation as a prerequisite for schools garnering financial compensation. Parent Booker makes this a piece of cake. In exchange for about $60 a month, schools can revolutionize their very livelihood by generating more parent involvement, more volunteer hours, and, therefore, more income. The monthly cost pales in comparison to the finances that schools regularly lose to hired help, human error, and professional oversight; it simply makes more sense to let a trusted program like Parent Booker seamlessly bridge the gap between frustrated educators and more-than-willing benefactors.

With this in mind, principals, parents, and teachers should consider a new approach to generating income for their school that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg–not to mention, their sanity. Parent Booker is a program that allows administrators to track volunteer hours over the course of months or years, as it facilitates scheduling and sign ups in the process. Beyond its superior scheduling capabilities compared to virtually everything else on the market (free or paid), Parent Booker is a resource hub for schools, parishes, and ministries that offers its users straightforward navigability, unparalleled security, and long-term financial accountability. Whereas services like VolunteerSpot offer very little personal security beyond sign-up confirmation emails and locked server rooms, Parent Booker’s advanced moderation features enable school officials (or archbishops, rabbis, et al.) to maintain control over who gets to volunteer in the first place. These enhanced security features engender trust and mutual support between schools and volunteers, lowering the risk of event cancellations and boosting voluntary staff participation. Once you’re in the Parent Booker system–which is customized for your school–it takes just a click of a button to sign up for an event.

Parents and school officials strive to raise children into responsible, engaged, and committed adults. When you consider their mammoth, combined efforts, it becomes clear that corporate financial handouts aren’t really handouts at all. Funneling money into the education system is no easy feat, and Parent Booker is a beacon of easy, straightforward assistance that makes the real work of raising kids a little less stressful, both in the head and in the wallet. Every year that schools can’t meet their budgets, the quality of teaching suffers, and antiquated methods force students to play catch-up in their own education. Give students a hand by simplifying your own complex life, and start using Parent Booker as your school’s guide to more effective fundraising and thriving social events.

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