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Founder of Parent Booker. Driven by a passion to get parents more engaged with their children's school - volunteering and making schools and students successful. Prior achievements include producing Netscape's developer website - DevEdge Online. Developing the student and alumni database systems for London Business School and developing community based websites for Autodesk.

Completely Redesigned Parent Booker Android App Launched

A completely redesigned version of the Parent Booker app for Android has been released. It can be installed here:

Parent Booker on Google Play

The new Parent Booker App includes parent directory functionality that lets parents quickly look up the email address, physical address or phone number of other parents. They can search by last name, first name, children’s class(es) or group.

Parent Directory

Parents can instantly send an email or initiate a phone call just by clicking on a link in the app. Schools must elect to activate the parent directory feature to make it available to parents.

Parent Booker parent directory

Parent Booker parent directory

Parent Booker Android Homepage

Parent Booker Android Homepage

New Feature: Email Signed Up Volunteers

Today Parent Booker launched a new feature letting admins and volunteer coordinators send emails and push notifications to volunteers who have signed up for a specific volunteer event.

This can be a great way to provide more information just to those people who have signed up such as updates and more extensive information.

Emailing Volunteers

Emailing Volunteers

To email volunteers who have signed up:

  1. Click on Volunteer Opportunities
  2. Click the View button for the specific opportunity
  3. Click on the new Email Volunteers button
  4. You are now taken to a screen where you can set:
    1. From (Name) – The sender’s name that will appear in their inbox.
      To comply with Internet mail regulations to prevent spoofing – faking originator email addresses – all emails will originate from donotreply@parentbooker.com but will contain a note at the end of the email telling recipients that they should reply to your email address, and giving this email address.
    2. Subject
    3. Message Body
    4. Push Notification a short message of up to 109 characters that will appear on iPhones and iPads of all targeted users who have installed and logged into the Parent Booker app.
    5. Attachment – you can optionally add a file attachment to be sent with the message
  5. Once the message has been composed there are two options:
    1. Send a test email so you can get a preview of how the message will appear
    2. Send the email to all volunteers who have signed up for the event

Thanks to St Patrick School in Larkspur, CA for this great feature suggestion.

Parent Booker launches new Shield the Vulnerable functionality.

Now schools can set up opportunities so that only parents who have a Shield the Vulnerable certificate can sign up.

Parent Booker already offers the ability to optionally restrict sign up access based on:

  • background checks
  • tuberculosis tests

This now adds to the security checks that Parent Booker can implement for schools.
Your school can try out Parent Booker for free for an entire quarter. After that it’s just $59.95/month for the entire school.

Sign up for a free, no commitment trial.

Shield the Vulnerable

Shield the Vulnerable

The New Parent Booker iPhone App is Here!

The new Parent Booker app for iPhones and iPads is launched and available for free to parents with children at schools using the service.

Using the app, parents can:
– view a filtered list of volunteer opportunities tailored based on your children’s classes
– view a calendar showing school holidays and dates then they’ve signed up to volunteer
– receive push notifications whenever the school posts a new volunteer opportunity that’s targeted to parents based on their children’s classes or group memberships (e.g. PTA, clubs, altar servers…)
– enter service hours
– view your progress towards service hour targets via a progress bar

To get the app, or take a look and see if Parent Booker might be a valuable addition to your school, visit:

Schools Can Try Parent Booker for Free For an Entire Quarter
If your school wants to try out Parent Booker it can do so for free, without obligation, for an entire quarter. Sign up your school here >>

Screens from the Parent Booker iPhone App

Screens from the Parent Booker iPhone App


The New Parent Booker iPhone App Is Almost Here

Parent Booker has been working on an all new iPhone app that’s set to make parent volunteering even easier. Crafted by an expert UI / UX designer it makes school volunteering even easier than before…

Screens from the Parent Booker iPhone App

Screens from the Parent Booker iPhone App

The new app provides great new features:
– view a single calendar that combines school holidays with the days you’re signed up to volunteer
– for recurring events sign up using a calendar view
– add and view your service hours right from your mobile
– track your service hours on a progress meter

The app is nearing completion and will still need to be approved by the iTunes store. It should be released in May.

Schools can try out Parent Booker for an entire quarter for free – sign up and use promotional code NEW APP here:

Sign up for a free quarter long trial of Parent Booker for your school >>

New Enhancement: Alert Message to Register Children

Service hour reports for specific classes do not show parents unless they have registered that they have children in that class. Some parents register without adding their children. If parents have not registered their children then they will see messages about all volunteer opportunities – not just the opportunities relevant to them based on the classes that their children are in.

Parent Booker now detects if a family does not have any children registered, and alerts parents to AddChildrenWarningadd their children with a warning message.

Parents can click on a button which will take them directly to the My Account page where they can register their children.


New Enhancement: Resend Confirmation Emails

A new feature has been added allowing administrators to resend confirmation emails to parents who have registered, but who have not yet clicked on the activation link in their confirmation email.

To Resend a Confirmation Email
(Note this function is only accessible to admins)

  1. Go to  Admin / Manage Users
  2. Navigate to the user by clicking on the first letter of their last name, or clicking “all users”
  3. Click on a user’s name (in dark blue)

What will then happen…

– if the user has not confirmed their account they will be resent the activation email

– if they has confirmed their account they will be sent the password confirmation email

Volunteer Hours Valued Between $15 and $25 per Hour

Click to view interactive map

The AARP published this map identifying the value of a volunteer hour in each state.

Nearly 27 percent of the U.S. adult population gave 8.1 billion hours of volunteer service worth $169 billion in 2009, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service.

The interactive map shows just how good-hearted and generous neighbors have been.