Parent Booker launches new Shield the Vulnerable functionality.

Now schools can set up opportunities so that only parents who have a Shield the Vulnerable certificate can sign up.

Parent Booker already offers the ability to optionally restrict sign up access based on:

  • background checks
  • tuberculosis tests

This now adds to the security checks that Parent Booker can implement for schools.
Your school can try out Parent Booker for free for an entire quarter. After that it’s just $59.95/month for the entire school.

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Shield the Vulnerable

Shield the Vulnerable

Parent Booker Generates $6,000 Revenues for 200 Student School

Parent Booker is proving to be a great revenue generator for its customers. One school with approximately 200 students and a service hour program where parents opted in for a $600 discount by doing service hours generated over $6,000 in additional revenue.

This was achieved using Parent Booker to track parents service hours and identify:

– Parents who had not performed any service hours who were then billed the $600 discount they had initially claimed

– Parents who had not met the service hour targets. These parents were billed a pro-rated amount

So if your school has fees and plans to offer a discount for parents that serve Parent Booker not only ensures fairness for all those parents who do serve their hours, but it provides additional revenue for the school.

Three Ways that Schools Can Implement Parent Volunteer Background Checks Without Reducing Volunteer Sign Ups

Leagues of school principals, teachers, and parents are on the fence about the background checks and screening policies being mandated by school districts and state laws. Many find themselves asking, “is it worth it?” while others stringently demand such practices, alienating parents and reducing peripheral involvement in the process. Our children deserve to be protected by the potential threat of “wolves in volunteers’ clothing,” but it is of cardinal importance that the parents who genuinely want to be engaged in the development of their child’s success aren’t deterred by confusing rules, wasted resources, and lack of support from the education system itself. Parents are of paramount importance in any student’s life, and they need to be informed and encouraged to participate. Here are three great ways that schools can implement parent volunteer background checks, without reducing the number of sign ups    Read More…