New Feature: Email Signed Up Volunteers

Today Parent Booker launched a new feature letting admins and volunteer coordinators send emails and push notifications to volunteers who have signed up for a specific volunteer event.

This can be a great way to provide more information just to those people who have signed up such as updates and more extensive information.

Emailing Volunteers

Emailing Volunteers

To email volunteers who have signed up:

  1. Click on Volunteer Opportunities
  2. Click the View button for the specific opportunity
  3. Click on the new Email Volunteers button
  4. You are now taken to a screen where you can set:
    1. From (Name) – The sender’s name that will appear in their inbox.
      To comply with Internet mail regulations to prevent spoofing – faking originator email addresses – all emails will originate from but will contain a note at the end of the email telling recipients that they should reply to your email address, and giving this email address.
    2. Subject
    3. Message Body
    4. Push Notification a short message of up to 109 characters that will appear on iPhones and iPads of all targeted users who have installed and logged into the Parent Booker app.
    5. Attachment - you can optionally add a file attachment to be sent with the message
  5. Once the message has been composed there are two options:
    1. Send a test email so you can get a preview of how the message will appear
    2. Send the email to all volunteers who have signed up for the event

Thanks to St Patrick School in Larkspur, CA for this great feature suggestion.