Parent Teacher Meeting Sign Ups – Done The Easy Way

Parent Booker makes the challenge of signing up parents for parent teacher meetings a breeze. Teachers can create a schedule of slots that can be at any interval they choose, spanning the evenings they need.

Parents with children in the relevant grade are then notified via email, the website or mobile app using an iPhone or iPad. As soon as they login they can see a link to the Parent Teacher evening event where they can see all the open slots.

Parents sign up on the web or mobile app with just a single click. Their slot is reserved and teachers can even receive email notifications whenever a parent signs up.

Parents can also easily re-arrange Рwithdrawing from a slot if they have a commitment and viewing and signing up for other available spots that are available.

Coordinating Parent Teacher Evenings the Easy Way

Parent Booker can handle all types of school parent events. Perhaps one of the most challenging for any school is the parent teacher conference where dozens of parents must schedule time with one or more teachers.

Parent teacher evenings are easy to set up in the system. Simply specify the class and then create an event with all the time-slots. The system will let you send out a customized email blast (with your school’s header) to all the parents in that class. Each email is custom addressed to the parents first names.

Parents then click on a link in the email, login and are taken directly to a page where they can see all the open remaining slots. Slots can span any time interval and can span multiple days. The system makes it self service. If parents want to switch they can do it themselves.

So if you need a parent teacher evening system, Parent Booker fits your needs perfectly! (And it does a whole lot more).