Parent Teacher Meeting Sign Ups – Done The Easy Way

Parent Booker makes the challenge of signing up parents for parent teacher meetings a breeze. Teachers can create a schedule of slots that can be at any interval they choose, spanning the evenings they need.

Parents with children in the relevant grade are then notified via email, the website or mobile app using an iPhone or iPad. As soon as they login they can see a link to the Parent Teacher evening event where they can see all the open slots.

Parents sign up on the web or mobile app with just a single click. Their slot is reserved and teachers can even receive email notifications whenever a parent signs up.

Parents can also easily re-arrange – withdrawing from a slot if they have a commitment and viewing and signing up for other available spots that are available.

Parent Booker and Free Signup Services

The effort of using free sign up services is considerable when you compare it to Parent Booker which is tailor made to serve schools – it’s family and grade aware, it filters what parents see and are notified about, and makes the entire process of sign ups considerably easier for both parents and the school.

Parent Booker provides a consolidated store of all parent’s in a database and which grades parents have children in. With free signup service you have to go through the ordeal of obtaining, then importing parent email addresses and de-duplicating for each email blast.

Signup services have no concept of logging hours, tracking service against hour or task targets or presenting aggregate reports. Parent Booker automatically sends out emails to remind volunteers to show up. Parent Booker even links events and service hours together so that when parents perform a volunteer event their hours are automatically credited to their account.

To address “no shows” Parent Booker gives schools the option to “approve” service hours – so only parents who perform a task get their hours credited.

At the end of the school year there’s no complex, onerous task that a volunteer parent or the school have to perform. A school administrator can simply login and run a report showing how many hours each family has served, or how many times a family has performed a particular duty that year such as hot lunches or yard duty.

Drop School Commitments into Your Calendar

Tracking all your commitments can be hard – so Parent Booker has added a new feature that lets parents drop the school calendar, along with all the volunteer events they’ve signed up for, right into their calendar. So far we have everything working for Apple iCal, but we’re planning to add support soon for Google Calendar and Outlook. HX4VKPF26B9B

The Parent Booker homepage showing the calendar widget (bottom right)
The add calendar link is in the box on the bottom right

When you login into Parent Booker there’s a link right on your homepage that when clicked on will drop the school calendar and your personal commitments (based on Parent Booker sign ups) right into your calendar.

This also means that if your smart phone is connected to your calendar all your events will appear there too.