New Feature: Promote Service Hour Guidelines to Parents

Link to service hour guidelines shown to users

A link to service hour guidelines shown to users.

A new feature is available on Parent Booker. Now you can add a link to a page such as a Google Doc where you keep service hour guidelines. This link is set up by admins using admin / settings.

Using this setting a new link appears on the Service Hours page right where parents enter their hours. This helps ensures parents are clearly made aware of hours that will be approved or rejected up front.

New Feature: View Parent’s Service Hours By Class

Parent Booker provides reports that let schools see how many service hours have been performed by each family. This report has been enhanced so that a specific class can be selected in order to see just the hours served by parents with children in a particular class.

This means that teachers can have visibility into  how parents are progressing versus hours targets meaning:
- they can target parents in need of hours
- they can know which parents  are making the greatest contributions