New Parent Booker Features Make Support Easier

Two new features have been added making supporting parents even easier for school administrators. These functions can be found in the Admin / Manage Users area of Parent Booker (only admins can access this):

1. Logins

  • User Logins are now displayed in a new column, so if parents ask, school administrators can now tell users exactly what their login is.
    (This is in addition to the existing forgot login function available to users on the login page)

 2. Resetting User’s Passwords

School administrators can now send an email with a reset password link to any parent. This is done by the same Admin / Manage Users page:

  • Simply click on a login and instantly an email with a password reset link will be sent to the user
  • The system alerts you which email address the password reset was sent to (as a double check) . Sometimes users may need to know which email address the reset has been sent to.

These new features will make the job of supporting parents having login issues easier.

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