Calculating Parent Service Hours the Easy Way

Many schools offer parents a school fee discount if they complete a set number of service hours before the end of each school year. Parent Booker makes recording and tracking hours simple for parents and schools. Schools can configure programs so that:
- parents can opt out of performing service hours and don’t appear in reports tracking hours
- single parents can be set a lower service limit
- schools can selectively approve hours

Parents simply enter their hours and the duties they performed and Parent Booker takes care of the rest.

At the end of the year schools can run a report to see how many hours each family has served making it easy and fair to account for any fee discount.

New “assign” feature added

While Parent Booker is designed to provide self-service so that parents can sign up themselves for slots, sometimes volunteer coordinators need to take matters into their own hands and assign volunteers to slots.

A brand new feature in Parent Booker lets coordinators achieve this – a new “Assign” link appears next to empty slots allowing the coordinator to browse a list of volunteers and assign them to the slot. When assigned an email is sent to the volunteer automatically letting them know they’ve been assigned.

It’s perfect for situations such as:
- when you can’t afford to wait for people to sign up
- mandatory volunteer duties
- when volunteers have signed up via other methods (word of mouth)
- filling last minute volunteer slots

How to Get Big Businesses to Match Parent Volunteer Hours at Your School

Schools, like most families and businesses today, struggle to make ends meet. Fortunately, in a widespread effort to promote their community and public image through Corporate Social Responsibility, many companies encourage their employees to volunteer their time and service to the community. In return for their efforts, a business will often donate money as a way of substantiating and buttressing their staff’s voluntary work. This year alone, for example, the Sunnyvale Independent School Districtraised over $22,000 through company match programs (Microsoft, Adobe, UPS, WalMart, Old Navy, and HSBC are just a few major players contributing toward “volunteer incentive programs”) which reward volunteering–sometimes at a rate of $15 an hour or more. Read more…

Three Ways that Schools Can Implement Parent Volunteer Background Checks Without Reducing Volunteer Sign Ups

Leagues of school principals, teachers, and parents are on the fence about the background checks and screening policies being mandated by school districts and state laws. Many find themselves asking, “is it worth it?” while others stringently demand such practices, alienating parents and reducing peripheral involvement in the process. Our children deserve to be protected by the potential threat of “wolves in volunteers’ clothing,” but it is of cardinal importance that the parents who genuinely want to be engaged in the development of their child’s success aren’t deterred by confusing rules, wasted resources, and lack of support from the education system itself. Parents are of paramount importance in any student’s life, and they need to be informed and encouraged to participate. Here are three great ways that schools can implement parent volunteer background checks, without reducing the number of sign ups    Read More…

New Volunteer Targeting Features Added

Today Parent Booker launched new group functionality allowing schools and churches to target volunteer recruitment at specific groups of users. Now users can join groups such as:

- Auction committee
- Parent Teacher Association member
- Parishioner
- Eucharistic Minister

Schools and churches can then target messages and promote events specifically at users who selected a particular group  - via either an email blast or targeted notices that are shown to parents on their personalized Parent Booker homepage as soon as they login.

Parent Booker already allows volunteer events to target parents of children in specific classes. With this new functionality Parent Booker delivers functionality that ensures events and volunteer recruitment can be tightly targeted at specific users increasing relevance and effectiveness.