The New Parent Booker iPhone App Is Almost Here

Parent Booker has been working on an all new iPhone app that’s set to make parent volunteering even easier. Crafted by an expert UI / UX designer it makes school volunteering even easier than before…

Screens from the Parent Booker iPhone App

Screens from the Parent Booker iPhone App

The new app provides great new features:
- view a single calendar that combines school holidays with the days you’re signed up to volunteer
- for recurring events sign up using a calendar view
- add and view your service hours right from your mobile
- track your service hours on a progress meter

The app is nearing completion and will still need to be approved by the iTunes store. It should be released in May.

Schools can try out Parent Booker for an entire quarter for free - sign up and use promotional code NEW APP here:

Sign up for a free quarter long trial of Parent Booker for your school >>

How to Get Big Businesses to Match Parent Volunteer Hours at Your School

Schools, like most families and businesses today, struggle to make ends meet. Fortunately, in a widespread effort to promote their community and public image through Corporate Social Responsibility, many companies encourage their employees to volunteer their time and service to the community. In return for their efforts, a business will often donate money as a way of substantiating and buttressing their staff’s voluntary work. This year alone, for example, the Sunnyvale Independent School Districtraised over $22,000 through company match programs (Microsoft, Adobe, UPS, WalMart, Old Navy, and HSBC are just a few major players contributing toward “volunteer incentive programs”) which reward volunteering–sometimes at a rate of $15 an hour or more. Read more…